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Seasonal Specials
Celebrating calendar events through primary language learning 
  Autumn Term 1 
Autumn_1.jpg Autumn_1.png Autumn_1_.png
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Back to school {F.S.G}  FOLDER_ICON_W.png Christopher Columbus Day {Sp}
FOLDER_ICON_W.png European Day of Language {all}  FOLDER_ICON_W.png Harvest time {Fr} 
FOLDER_ICON_W.png National Poetry Day {F.S.G} FOLDER_ICON_W.png Roald Dahl Day {F.S.G} 
FOLDER_ICON_W.png International Literacy Day  {F.S.G}
  Autumn Term 2 

 Autumn_2.jpg aut_2___.png Aut_2_Xmas_tree_tinsel_greetings_3.jpg
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Halloween {F.S.G}  FOLDER_ICON_W.png Dia de los muertos {Sp} 
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Armistice {Fr}    FOLDER_ICON_W.png Bonfire Night {F.S.G} 
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Christmas {French Spanish}  FOLDER_ICON_W.png Nativity {F.S.G}  
FOLDER_ICON_W.png St Nicholas {F.G}   FOLDER_ICON_W.png Sankt Martinstag {Ge}  
  Spring Term 1 

Spr_1_.jpg Spr_1_designing_crowns.jpg Spr_1_Snowman_and_parts_of_body_1.jpg
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Epiphany {F.S.G}  FOLDER_ICON_W.png Happy New Year {all} 
FOLDER_ICON_W.png La chandeleur {Fr}    FOLDER_ICON_W.png National Story Telling Week {F.S.G} 
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) {Sp}  FOLDER_ICON_W.png Valentine’s Day {F.S}  
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Wintertime {F.S.G}   
  Spring Term 2 

Spr_2.jpg Spr_2_hats.jpg Spr_2_ma_maman_.jpg
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Carnival {F.S.G}  FOLDER_ICON_W.png Easter {F.S.G} 
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Mothers’ Day {French Spanish}    FOLDER_ICON_W.png Springtime Poem {Sp} 
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Poisson d’avril – French April Fool’s Day {Fr} 
FOLDER_ICON_W.png World Book Day {F.S.G} 
  Summer Term 1 

Sum_1_.jpg Sum_1_citizens_world_3.jpg Sum_1_Dragon_description_3_.jpg Sum_1_Photo_1.jpg
FOLDER_ICON_W.png el dia de Sant Jordi (St George’s Day) {Sp}  
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Earth Day {F.S.G} FOLDER_ICON_W.png Feria de abril Sevilla {Sp}    
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Going to the Seaside {F.S.G} FOLDER_ICON_W.png 1er Mai – le muguet {Fr}  
FOLDER_ICON_W.png SATs week {F.S.G}  
  Summer Term 2 

Sum_2_bastille_rosettes.jpg Sum_2_bloemenwinkel_to_send_good_luck_messages.jpg Sum_2_word_tapestry_farewell_class_postcards.jpg
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Bastille Day {Fr}  FOLDER_ICON_W.png Fathers’ Day {F.S} 
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Fiestas in Spain {Sp}   FOLDER_ICON_W.png  Tour de France {Fr} 
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Tu eres mi sol {Sp}  FOLDER_ICON_W.png Year 6 Leavers {F.S.G}  
FOLDER_ICON_W.png See you next year – Bloemenwinkel tradition {Ge}
FOLDER_ICON_W.png End of year performance and farewell cards {F.S}