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Cross Curricular Inspiration
Making meaningful links between primary languages and other subject


FOLDER_ICON_W.png Faces tell a story 
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Seurat- walk in the park 
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Range of Art based activities 
FOLDER_ICON_W.png All Art Resources (16)


 Drama & Dance 


FOLDER_ICON_W.png Pirates and Dance
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Travel and town Dance
FOLDER_ICON_W.png All Drama resources (19)
FOLDER_ICON_W.png All Dance resources (4)
 DT & Creativity 


FOLDER_ICON_W.png Baking a cake French Spanish
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Designing and Olympic Torch
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Designing a Kite

Explore_France_Space_Miles.png Explore_spain_Space_Miles_.png

FOLDER_ICON_W.png Explore France Space Miles 
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Explore Spain Space Miles 
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Fruit, vegs, climate: South America

Baking_a_cake.png Masterchef.png

FOLDER_ICON_W.png Baking a cake   FOLDER_ICON_W.png Fruit and Veg Game
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Masterchef competition
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Tasty snacks FOLDER_ICON_W.png Food tasting lesson {S}

Aztecs.png Romans.jpg
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Castles {F} FOLDER_ICON_W.png Knights 
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Dinosaurs French Spanish FOLDER_ICON_W.png Aztecs {S} 
FOLDER_ICON_W.png France in the 1960s Romans 
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Remembrance {F}
FOLDER_ICON_W.png School in the past FOLDER_ICON_W.png Stone age family
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Terracotta Warriors 

FOLDER_ICON_W.png Alice In Wonderland 
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Celebrating Shakespeare Plays 
FOLDER_ICON_W.png How to train your dragon 
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Mad Hatter’s Tea Party 
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Phoneme safari at the zoo {F}
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Literacy links tour of Paris {F}
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Roald Dahl Day 

Not_today___healthy_lifestyle.png Water_cycle.png
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Growing Vegetables
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Healthy Lifestyle-Eating 
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Life Cycle of a Butterfly
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Taste and Tongue
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Tooth Fairy
FOLDER_ICON_W.png Water Cycle