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Transition KS2 to KS3
Step by Step Support and Dynamic Online Folders
 1. Transition Documentation 

Current, relevant guidance on KS2 and KS3 MFL

Important  documents 
Cross Phase Vision Poster
Stepping stones to transition
Transition in Action 
 2. E- Folio Hub 

Private E-Folio uploading and sharing folders for your transition cluster

Digital sharing devices
E-Folio sharing hub
Sharing resources and evidence between cluster schools
 3. Cross Phase Days 

Resource bank to inspire KS2 language learning days led by KS3 MFL

Global communication
Languages and other subjects
Language Leaders resources
Whole school language days
 4. Progression in Learning Tools 

Understanding progress in language learners’ skills and knowledge from Year 3 onwards
Mapping the NC attainment targets
DfE Documentation
KS2 Progression tools
 5. Window on KS2 

Find out more about KS2 primary foreign languages

Evidence of progress blog posts 
Teachers talk transition
 6. Transition Discussion Tools 

Prompt and support bank for cross phase planning and sharing meetings

Shared AfL approaches
Talking and sharing prompts
 7. Transition CPD for KS3 staff 
First steps transition CPD for KS3 colleagues
Practical CPD Reading resources

 8. Teaching Projects KS2-KS3 

Bank of bridging the gap lessons and units of learning
"In the pot" transition resource
Reading texts and similarities
Taster language modules
Word reference tools